"That big ol' Joey Black smile! I can not stop thinking about this kids beautiful smile. It has always been there. Even during the darkest of days Joey has always been smiling.

As we reach the ten year mark of Joey's winning fight against Leukemia Jer and I know without question we would not have made it through this journey with out all of you. Our family and friends, co-workers and neighbors, teachers and coaches, friends near and far, all of Joey's incredible support system. You have carried us when we thought we couldn't make it. You have supported us at every turn. From the Alaska/Arizona car washes to the poker tournaments, from raffle tickets and donations to ice cream socials and nominating Joey to be a Pilot for a day, from hat drives and head shaving parties to gifts and treats, from helping watch our little ones so we could go to Joey's appointments, to comforting me as I cried at his school, from meeting across the country to sail away with us on vacation to keeping us in your prayers, we are forever thankful for all of you.

We love you,

Sharon, Jerry, Jacob, Joseph, Jason, and Jenna"

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